NEW BBR Pullover Hoodie “Crushing Disappointment”


A hoodie that is pullover so you don’t get your zip buggered up. See description below for more lame jokes.


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When you want to be warm, but you also want to show off your midriff sat around a table of friends (plus that girl whose name you don’t know that your mate always invites but you never remember her name and now it’s got too far down knowing her to ask her but you know you don’t like her because you think she rolls her eyes whenever you’re talking about your latest race), then this pullover hoodie is perfect.

Made of the same material all other hoodies are made of with the classic hood element attached to the classic body with arms and everything, it is the pullover hoodie of your dreams and more.

Printed with the legally protected (and enforceable) Bad Boy Running logo on the chest and emblazoned with a motivation quote on the back, this truly is the item of clothing to confuse and confound your Parkrace friends.

Motivational quote reads: “Crushing disappointment is earned, not given” (so yeah, the same as the old one…but this time it’s printed smaller & has utterly rad quotation marks!)

Makes a perfect present for someone who is both cold and perfectly comfortable wearing this level of red without working for a charity or medical response team.


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