BBRC Black/Red Polo Shirt – Preorder


UNISEX BBRC POLO TOP – Only available to BBRC members!

Jody thinks you’ll look like you’re a member of staff at a Big Box retailer but Lorna thinks you’ll look smart and should definitely buy one …. and we all know that we do what Lorna says don’t we!!

This is a decent quality black polo top, it’s got a collar, red side panels and some smart looking trim! It’s embroidered with the BBRC logo on the chest and on the back it has ‘definitely #notacult’ printed across the shoulders.

This perfectly compliments the BBR red polo top, which is exactly the same but a little bit different! #badboyguarantee!

These are unisex (as in made for men!) so women need to size down. A small will probably be about a ladies size 12, possibly!

Available for pre-order now. Your order will be checked against our database. If you’re not a member, we’ll change your order to a red BBR one.

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