BBR Red/Black Polo Shirt


Want to look smart when you’re standing on the podium?! No idea why you’re looking here if you do, you know we actively discourage any sort of good performance!!

Want to look like you’re a member of staff at a Big Box retailer? Then we’ve got just the thing with our new polo shirts!

Here is the classic Do-Badder BBR top with embroidered logo on the chest and #notacult on the back.

This perfectly compliments the BBRC black polo top, which is exactly the same but a little bit different! #badboyguarantee!

These are unisex (as in made for men!) so women need to size down. A small will probably be about a ladies size 12, possibly!

Available for pre-order now!

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It’s a polo shirt. Perfect if you want to look like an electrician.

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