BBR Punk Cyclist Generic Elasticated Headwear


Different ones from the other ones – more/less funny.

Still not available individually, so don’t ask.

More details below.

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It’s what you’ve not been waiting for.

Even more generic elasticated headwear shenanigans. This is just like the other head/neck gear but vastly different because it’s different shapes and colours.

Remember, these are definitely not buffs, but elasticated headwear of a generic nature that can in no way be identified by lawyers to be similar to trademarked products… alright?

This natty duo comes with two designs:

  1. Green punk Bad Boy Running design
  2. Black and red No Cycling design

Pay £10, get two to show off to your Parkrace buddies. What a bargain.

These came all the way from China so the quality is bound to be good. Just don’t go near an open flame, ok?

And no, we’re not selling these individually.


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